Top 5 Reasons To Use A Portable Air Storage Tank

Even though an air receiver tank can’t hold same pressure out as the air compressor, in those less demanding applications, air tanks are perfect choice with low budget required.

There are top 5 reasons explaining why it’s highly recommended to purchase an air tank.

1. They are portable in carrying

Despite the solid and sturdy design of air tanks which ensures the safety and durability for daily use, the tanks are also light enough to carry for use here and there.

2. Ideal for most domestic use
Although air tanks are not powerful enough to hold high pressure output like air compressors, for domestic use they are ideal choices. The 180psi pressure is far enough for occasions like inflating a car, bike, motor, spray painting and pneumatic tools.

3. They are easy to fill and hold the pressure
Filling an air tank is not big task, you can use domestic air compressor at home, or check on any nearby petrol stations and borrow their compressors if you don’t have one of your own. They can hold pressure for about one week per fill, which is totally fine for emergency use.

4. Nearly no maintenance required
No special skills are required for using an air tank as it can’t be simper. As for maintenance, as long as the air tanks are manufactured in accordance with industrial standards, they would be endurable for use for years. You can monitor the inner pressure of the tank through the gauge at the top, the relief valve fitted on the underneath would release excess pressure and avoid moisture build-up.

5. They are cost-effective and diversified for choice
Cooltek currently have abundant regular stock of air tanks from 2L to 150L for capacity. The pricing is considerably moderate and affordable. Normally people would prefer tanks in larger capacity for longer time in single use and to avoid frequent refills. We are open to any OEM discussions.

With the above 5 illustration points, you might already have in mind what to choose. Feel free to contact us at or call at +86 18613072427 for any help needed. We not only supply air tanks, but also provide solutions.

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