CAT020C 20L Air Compressor Tank Horizontal Compressed Air Storage Tank



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20L Portable Compressed air receiver tank Industrial Air Storage Tanks Pressure Vessel for Air Compressor

We use only excellent carbon steel/stainless steel materials for air tanks to optimize its performance to the best. No matter which industry you serve (such as Chemical, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, automation etc.), we are fully open to OEM requests.

1. Made from high quality steel materials.
2. High quality pressure spraying surface treatment.
3. Solid welding seam ensures safety in use.
4. At least 7 years service life.
5. OEM available.
6. Widely applied in many fields, such as medical industry, food production, industrial automation, aerospace, mining, logging etc.

Capacity: 20L(5.28gal)
Rated Pressure: 145psi/1.0Mpa
Service Life: >=7 years
Interface: 5*G1/2
Weight: 18kg
Temperature: 150℃
Material: Q235B Carbon Steel
Surface: Electrostatic spray coating

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