How to reduce the energy consumption of air storage tanks?

Air storage tanks are used to provide compressed air storage capacity to meet peak demand events and assist in controlling system pressure.

Basically, they store a certain amount of compressed air and use it when needed to stabilize the pressure in the air system. Various air storage tank equipment plays a big role in it, but for this type of equipment, the energy consumption is inevitable.

Question is, how to reduce the energy consumption of the fuel tank?

1. Improve the mechanical efficiency of the air storage tank.

When the compressor in the air tank is operating normally, the parameters change very little. The isothermal efficiency of the air storage tank is closely related to the operating conditions. The key to the operation is to ensure that the air is completely cooled by the coolers at all levels to make the compressor as close to isothermal compression as possible, thereby effectively improve the isothermal efficiency of the compressor and reduce the power consumption of the oil tank.

2. Continuous decrease of the ambient temperature will reduce the power consumption.

However, the ambient temperature is a natural condition and is rarely affected by human factors, it can be regarded as a constant. The higher the inlet pressure, the lower the power consumption. The inlet pressure is determined by the local atmospheric pressure and the resistance of the air inlet system of the air storage tank. Therefore, by using high-efficiency filters and remove dust regularly during the operation process to control the resistance of the filter within the design range could also help save energy in the air storage tank

3. Due to the limitation of air separation production, under normal production conditions, the air volume of the air storage tank cannot be greatly adjusted. Generally, in order to maximize the production potential of the air separation plant, the air volume should be as large as possible to meet the production demand. When the remaining air distribution products need to be operated under load reduction, the guide vanes of the air storage tank can also be appropriately lowered to reduce air volume and power consumption. Therefore, adjusting the air volume can only be one of the adjustment methods of the air storage tank, rather than an effective method for energy saving and consumption reduction.

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