How To Maintain Air Receiver Tanks

Air receiver tanks are the crucial part in compressed air systems. How to maintain the air receivers tanks to extend the work life? We have advices as below:

  1. Check whether the safety valve is working well.
  2. Check the working status and position of the pressure gauge. When there is no pressure, the pressure gauge stays at “0” position,which is the banking pin.
  3. Check whether the air pressure exceeds the setting range ( the highest working pressure is <1.6Mpa). If it is higher than 1.6Mpa, the safety valve should be opened automatically; otherwise, the air intake should be stopped immediately and get the valve repaired.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to use the air tank over rated pressure during work.
  5. Make a red line mark on the pressure gauge plate of the air tank as the upper limit of the working pressure.
  6. Inspect the valves and other places of the air storage tank for air leakage. If there is air leakage, fix it in time to ensure the air tank meets the production requirements.
  7. The pressure gauge and safety valve are safety accessories, close attention must be paid during daily use and maintenance. The safety verification and inspection must be performed regularly following national standards by government technical supervision department. The pressure gauge should be inspected once half a year, the safety valve should be examined once a year.
  8. During daily operation, workers should check the tanks and related compressor equipment on a shift basis, at least twice a day. Any problem found, they should be fixed in time.
  9. The exhaust valve must be opened to drain the condensate at least once for each shift.
  10. The air storage tank should be kept dry and well ventilated, other objects are forbidden to pile around.
  11. Check whether the welding seam is firm and the sealing ring is functioning well on a regular basis, rust removal must be performed before painting.

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