Electronics and Automation

Air receiver tanks are extensively used for compressed air in the fabrication of electrical and electronics devices. One of the primary uses of compressed air in electronics is printed circuit board (PCB) cleaning. Compressed air provides a non-obstructive, low impact, and non-abrasive way of removing unwanted matter from these sensitive electronic components after production.

Typical application cases:
  • Cable pressurization (telephone & TV cables, gas pipe lines)
  • Surface mounting technology, de-soldering, and test equipment in electronics manufacturing
  • Antenna (telescopic) de-icing (mobile transmitters)
  • Air knives in the production of electronics
  • Computer disc robot-automat
  • Pick and place machine

Food and Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, in particular, the purity of compressed air is especially important. 

Air tanks could be used on air compressors in food operations such systems as:
  • Automation, controlling the valves and actuators that power filling, bottling, and packaging processes
  • Transportation, managing the flow of fine and powdered products through pipelines and processing systems
  • Liquid aeration, supporting the air and water quality of farming operations involving fish and other live animals
  • Cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that packaging and containers are clean and ready for product filling
  • Fermentation, providing oxygen to yogurt, cheeses, wine, and similar products supported by the health of live bacteria
  • Storage and packaging, supporting high-quality canning and preservation
  • Temperature control, maintaining both hot and cold food quality throughout processing

Mining Industry

From exploration and ore processing to smelting and refining, the entire mining process requires some form of compressed air.

Typical mining applications requiring compressed air include:
  • Exploration drilling – air drilling uses compressed air to drive a slowly rotating percussion drill bit, which operates in a similar manner to a jackhammer.
  • Instrumentation – instrument air needs to be clean and dry, for pneumatic instrumentation
  • Agitation – air agitation is introduced through spargers (bottom of tank piping) with small orifices spaced evenly throughout the tank for air distribution.
  • Smelting – smelting is used for the extraction of metal from ores using melting and heating.
  • Refining – refining processes extract valuable metals from ores and other raw materials to increase the grade or purity of a metal.
  • Pneumatic tools – Compressed air provides source of energy for power tools such as drills, wrenches, pneumatic loaders, saws and other vital mining equipment needed in deep underground mining environments.
  • Ventilation systems – in underground mining, compressed air provides ventilation within deep mine tunnels.
  • Blasting – drilling and blasting is the controlled use of explosives to break rock for excavation.

Fleet Maintanence

Industrial fleets require a constant supply of portable compressed air to perform essential tasks and functions. Our air tanks help store the potential energy of pressurized air so that it can be used as an energy source when needed. 

Several examples of industrial fleets applications:
  • Construction vehicles and equipment -During vehicle construction, transportation/hauling, earth-moving, pile-driving, drilling, tunneling, or material handling. These vehicles rely on compressed air to provide the power needed to carry out their operations.
  • Public transportation-Compressed air brake systems are used to provide stopping power to vehicles that are too large to be operated by hydraulic braking systems (e. g. buses,trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers.)
  • Emergency vehicles- ire trucks, for example, rely on compressed air to deliver the energy needed to propel the foam solution to the required areas. 
  • Underground utilities-As trenchless construction techniques continue to gain popularity, ground piercing tools powered by compressed air are becoming more commonplace.
  • Roadside assistance vehicles-Portable air compressors provide the power needed for right tools such as jacks, fuel canisters, tire service tools, and jump-start equipment to deal with a range of vehicular problems.

Aerospace Field

When manufacturing aerospace parts, contamination control must always be front of mind. Compressed air tanks are employed to store air for oil-free compressors in a range of aerospace applications, including breathable air systems, aircraft manufacturing, aircraft engine startup, and automatic tool changes.

Other commons uses:
  • Aircraft engine manufacturing
  • Aircraft wing structural testing,
  • Gound support equipment
  • Test bench supply

Medical and pharmacy field

In medical and dental fields, compressed air purity is critically important, helping to ensure optimal safety, performance, and quality throughout sensitive processes.

These fields utilize compressed air for a wide range of applications, including: 
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities, where equipment resistance can be carefully controlled via compressed air.
  • Dental practices and surgery, in which compressed air plays a major role in everything from sterility to patient comfort.
  • Surgical practice and operating rooms, where compressed air power tools are a key component in the process of cleaning out wounds.
  • Veterinary practices and animal treatment facilities, where many of today’s vets have chosen to utilize the technologies used in human surgery in order to make animals more comfortable.

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