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Our Products

We produce the most reliable and practical air storage solution you are looking for.

Made from high grade Q235B Steel, capacity ranges from 2-2000L. OEM/ODM accepted.

201 and 304 grade stainless steel, fully polished/Matte processed. Capacity ranges from 2L-1000L. OEM/ODM accepted.

High-vacuum pump silent industrial large suction cup automatic negative pressure station, intelligent start, pre-vacuum pressure, more stable in use.

Mini sized vacuum pump, ultra-quiet, small and easy to carry, environmentally friendly and oil-free.

We are the partner you need in acquiring the perfect air storage solution for all your industry needs.

How are air tanks made?

Main Industries We Serve

When manufacturing aerospace parts, contamination control must always be front of mind.  Oil-free air compressors will ensure contaminant-free air. These are ideal for utilization in the aerospace industry and are approved for use in clean rooms and electronics manufacturing facilities.

In the food and beverage industry, in particular, the purity of compressed air is especially important; contaminated air can cause impede operations and seriously compromise product quality. Compressed air could be used in this industry during the processes of automation, transportation, liquid aeration etc.

The metalworking industry relies heavily on compressed air to power a range of computer numerical-controlled (CNC) machining operations. During CNC machining, it is crucial that the compressed air used to clean exposed surfaces is sufficiently dry. Air that contains undesirable amounts of moisture can condense on colder surfaces, ultimately resulting in corrosion in the metal workpiece.

Why Us?

Rich Experience

15 years industry experience, we have successfully helped hundreds of customers in their air compressing projects.

Quality Assurance

Air tanks from Cooltek are all produced in conformity with industrial standards to assure safe and durable in use.

Superior Service

Quality and Service are the keys to long term business. We never compromise on the quality of our products and we are at your service 7/24.

Our happy customers


What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is usually 50pcs for air tanks below 100Litres, and 20pcs for air tanks above that. But we understand all business grows from small to big, we will do our best to support your business and the MOQ could be negotiated if needed.

How long is your lead time?

The lead time might differ by order quantity, usually it’s 15-20 working days and could be longer when production schedules are busy. But we will do our best to coordinate if the order is urgent. 

What is the warranty for your air tanks?

We offer 3 years warranty for all our air tanks, actually they mostly have over 7 years service life, becuase they are made with really solid quality.

Can I customize the tanks?

Yes for sure. You can provide the drawing of your air tanks and we’ll make sure they come to your hands exactly same like you expected.


Carbon steel and stainless steel. Specific types could be applied upon requests.

How do you ensure the quality?

All air tanks will pass the QC tests before exit factory, high quality raw material, skilled workers, multiple industrial grade tests, these are all the key factors for quality products. 

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